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Sun Ride Tour was born from the meeting of two friends and an ecological dream of theirs to launch the mountainous area of the Val Brembana and Val Seriana in which they could visit places unknown to most people. More precisely, they decided to settle in Dossena.
Da qui nasce l’idea dell’ Ecology Moving.

Our Story

About Us

Manuel and Dario, the two partners, have a vision to introduce all their future customers to the mountain environment and its environmentally friendly nature.
After careful analysis and testing of the E-bikes on the market, they decided to stop and choose the industry leader, Fulgur Cycles, the new generation of E-bikes with Polini engines designed to be top of the range!
Their adventure began at the end of June 2022 with excellent numbers from the start, with customers satisfied with the service provided to them and the professionalism and care given by the two partners. They participate in numerous events in the area such as the Dossena mines and the world’s longest Tibetan bridge ‘Bridge of the Sun’.
They collaborate with companies in the area such as Agriturismi and various Farms where they can take their customers to rediscover country life with magnificent tastings.
Manuel and Dario on their journey met Tommaso Giupponi, an authorised E-bike guide recognised by the Italian cycling federation, who suggested they bring their experiences to his territory.
Sun Ride Tour, as already mentioned, operates in the Dossena area with tours immersed in greenery where you are surrounded by the tranquillity that only the mountains can give; they will take you to discover rural villages, First World War trenches at over 2000 metres altitude, Alpine lakes, waterfalls and much more. They also extend to neighbouring areas such as the Piani d’Artavaggio, the Dordona Pass and other areas where nature reigns supreme.
Manuel and Dario also organise guided tours of the enchanting Upper Town perched on a hill and surrounded by walls that hide a fantastic medieval village inside


The opening of the shop

At the beginning of July 2022 they reached an important point in their history, namely the opening of a shop in the centre of Dossena.
Sun Ride Tour also takes space on social media followed by Lorenzo Bonati, who takes on the role of social media management to immortalise the tours and to show the beauty of the landscape where the social pages are also followed by people in regions all over Italy who fall in love with our territories and where in some cases they request collaborations.
However, the two partners’ dream became bigger and they would like to move to the Alzano Lombardo area where they could start new tours while maintaining the high quality they already offer.

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